Spring Break Training Camp (Updated 12/16/2019)

Excitement is building! This year Rock Ridge Crew is adding a Spring Break Training at Camp Bob Cooper on Lake Marion, SC. This is an optional, but highly recommended activity.

The main reason why is because we loose one hour of on the water practice compared to the other Fairfax County and Arlington County teams that end classes at 3pm vs Loudoun County teams that end classes at 4pm. So not only will we be able to gain on aggregate practice time it will provide the students a time to really bond with each other and create high school memories together.

Now here are the trip facts:

  • We must have a minium of 18 participates (rower and chaperons staying at facility).
  • Lodging: we must have a minimum of 18 athletes and chaperones. Athletes will be housed at onsite dorm in double bunk beds.
  • Food: Up to 4 meals a day is provided by the camp cafeteria style at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm. The menu does include vegitarian items.
  • Transport costs will depend on the number of folks that can commit by putting a deposit will drive the cost of transportation. We will have to do some type of carpool unless we reach around 30 participants.
  • Draft schedule: leave Tuesday 4/7/2020 morning and return Saturday 4/11/2020 evening (travel Tuesday, row Wednesday-Friday, travel Saturday)
  • Estimated cost of $450 includes transport, lodging, food (4 meals/day). If a rower is not able to go due to cost, please email Mr. Matias personally and he will see if there is anything that can be done.
  • Coordinator and chaperones needed.
  • Commitments in the form of a $200 deposit due 12/31/2019 11:59pm.
  • Final payment estimate $250 due 2/28/2020 11:59pm.
  • https://bobcoopercrew.com/ (Eat, Sleep, Row) on Lake Marion, SC
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